Dealing with water

How do you deal with water seeping into seat post tube and causing rust in steel frame?

You use an old inner tube to seal the gap. Issue solved.

Evans Medway ride and Fathers Day recovery with GCC

Sure, I’d received an email about this ride… and completely forgot about it. So when another reminder came in a few days ago I decided to take part in Evans Cycles RIDE-IT Medway ride. Suitable for many rather than few the ride had three courses – 31, 51 and 82 miles in distance. I had about six hours until our social event in Essex, so I decided to ride the long one.

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Google AI drawing app

Google has cooked up an app that tries to recognise user moves while they are drawing and suggest shapes that seem to be of vsg type. Excellent for your mock traffic signs and posters.

Evans “RIDE IT Medway” coming up

Buy a new bike from Evans and save £25 on average by getting a free ride in the RIDE IT series. I’d have preferred King of Downs or Hoy 100 though these are not included. Fair enough – a lot goes into organising these events and labour is not free.

I’m taking part of Medway ride tomorrow and chose 82 mile / 132 km route. Parts of have been covered during some club rides and parts are new. The long route is available here

It seems to go like this – first 20 miles is relatively flat, then the route will climb over the next 10 miles at about 3% average, quick hop and then into valley again. From Hadlow it starts climbing again (throwback to Fool’s Errand), over the Carter’s Hill at 89km mark and then mostly down through West Malling back to Chatham.

Thanks to MG for drawing the route.

The bike is ready to go and so am I. Last minute check unearthed nearly completely worn out cassette lock nut… which was duely replaced by Alin from Tri the Bike Shop. Thanks!

Recap to follow after the ride and recovery over the weekend.

Creaks and squeaks

I’ve recently noticed creaks and squeaks emerging from the bottom bracket area when put more than average pressure on the pedals. Exact source is yet to be discovered… and fixed. Fortunately there’s a ton of information out there on potential areas that need attention. And then there’s LBS… But a hardened home mechanic would not turn to LBS unless it’s something that needs way too specific tools and skills. Or when it’s overly time consuming.

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