Two days, two rides = 98 miles4 min read

Saturday seemed to be a good day to ride to Westerham Cyclery for a coffee, and to pick up my rear derailleur hanger. Getting there was a bit sluggish as we took a slight detour adding another 15 minutes to the expected 90 min / 24 miles ride.

Mark surprised with a note that business is going too well to waste space for clothing. Hence everything’s 60% off. Returned with a jacket and gilet. The latter was spot on as it started raining as we rode into Eynsford.

post_fall.PNGAs soon as it finished raining I started to contemplate about Sunday morning club run. As it tuned out I had almost perfect excuse.

As we were drawing our ride to a close my bike decided to fly off from under me… Or it could have been rather slick Gatorskin tyres. Or my poor cornering and choice or angle. I had watched GCN video on the very topic a few days earlier so should have known better. Either way I went skidding and so did Sequoia. On a wet tarmac. Result can be seen below.

So I spent the next two hours getting my ego aligned with reality again and cleaning the bike. Alin was kind enough to ride by later and adjust the gears.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and I’m up at 7:00 stirring porridge and downing electrolyte drink. And then I found having mere 25 minutes to cover 30 min distance from home to Cobham memorial where the GCC gathers on Sunday mornings.

It’s amazing how quickly body heals itself with strong (semi-competitive) mental state. With left side grazed on four spots that touched the tarmac and slight knee pain I did expect to turn back half way. However it showed again that group ride can have its benefits.

gcc climb ride

A few words on the chosen road. I had drawn the route and by the time we got to Farningham forgotten the latter third. So one of the group suggested we ride through Farningham to Eynsford, and then climb casually up on Bower Lane. It’s nearly five miles starting with a struggle and then gradually rising up. And to top it all I took my first climb on Exedown Road. I can confirm the notion it’s worse than Vigo Hill –┬ásimilar gradient, but just longer.

52 miles, four tough climbs and nearly four hours later I was back at home ready to consume a horse. I had eaten a couple of energy bars and two gels during the ride (though was still in recovery mode from Saturday). Quick glance at supplies produced champion’s lunch – scrambled eggs on cheese spelt toast with parsley and tomatoes. And salami.

What and how?

  • two slices of granary bread – I had Waitrose spelt bread which is an excellent choice, IMHO
  • a knob of butter, no substitutes – you are in recovery mode and need energy at this point!
  • two slices of cheese of your choice – Edam, Gouda or Cheddar are probably best as they melt easily
  • 4 medium to large eggs
  • ~50ml milk, the fuller the better
  • three small tomatoes
  • parsley for scattering over
  • a few slices of salami. Why? See note on butter above.

Beat the eggs and milk; heat pan at 7 (I don’t have gas, so no idea what mark, but it takes far less to get pan ready on gas). When it’s sizzling hot… wait! Preparation is everything, so have everything else ready. So, toast the bread, spread the butter on and add cheese; leave on toaster rack (not on plate, where it’ll turn soggy). Tomatoes on the plate and then the pan is sizzling hot. As you pour egg mix to the pan, start working it with a spatula of some sort. When eggs are still a bit runny, pull it all together to a mound and turn the heat off. Transfer cheese sarnies to the plate and scoop scrambled egg to top it. Attack with fork and knife.

Optional components – olives, salami, peppers, fried onions, etc. If you are vegetarian, leave meat out.

I have no idea of calories but reckon it’d be somewhere around 1200 in a good mix of carbs and protein. Fitbit guessed I’d spent about 3000 calories in the effort, so this meal lasted about two hours.

I’ve turned this exercise into route. If interested, find it here.

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