Up and down in Kent hills1 min read

It’s second month since I go my CX bike. Since then I’ve questioned the choice on a few occasions when I feel I could do with a lighter one. It’s also transpired that I spend most of the time on tarmac and less off-road that I envisaged to be the case when choosing the bike. Two months of riding has resulted in about 800 miles covered. This mostly in M20, M25 and A2 triangle. There.


This is veloviewer view of my Strava rides. I guess that going at the same rate the aforementioned triangle will be indistinguishable by December (as in covered in red).

veloviewer does one more cool thing to show off your achievements – year in figures infograph. It reflects the activities pulled from Strava to veloviewer, and yes – you need to be premium vv subscriber to get more than 25 recent activities. If it’s a light year, then this might suffice.

Though that subscription sets you back by £10 which is 25% of a reasonably good jersey, or a pair of socks. and it’s well worth it as it helps to keep the service afloat (one-man band) and supports independent and valuable software development. I’ll write up a post on the service later, promise.


I haven’t done many long rides yet, with Fool’s Errand on top of the list for now. This is likely to change in May when I’m in Geneva. Route 46 that follows Lac Leman shoreline is 180’is km long. Early start should see it wrapped up within 10 hours (including lunch).

Happy riding!

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