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I’ve recently noticed creaks and squeaks emerging from the bottom bracket area when put more than average pressure on the pedals. Exact source is yet to be discovered… and fixed. Fortunately there’s a ton of information out there on potential areas that need attention. And then there’s LBS… But a hardened home mechanic would not turn to LBS unless it’s something that needs way too specific tools and skills. Or when it’s overly time consuming.

Areas to be surveyed for source of noise are:

  1. Chain ring bolts
  2. Cranks
  3. Saddle!
  4. Bottom bracket bearings

Useful sources of information:

After a cleaning session the creak is gone. I think it could have been rear wheel bolt that wasn’t as tight as it should have been!

Update (18/06/17):

BB seems to be creak free. The other areas that I checked, cleaned and tightened were:

  • Rear derailleur dropout / hanger – was a bit loose
  • Shifters – probably loosened up a bit after my fall and heavy climbing
  • Chain – clean the chain and repeat until it is truly clean. Then lubricate, and clean all excess off. This always helps.
  • Stem – another point under heavy pressure and movement
  • Pedals – were tight, even too tight. Loosened up, cleaned threads, re-greased and put back.

And that was it. The squeaks are gone and replaced by occasional rear disc rub, though that seems to come from ever so slight bends on the disc and somewhat sticky piston. Time to take the lego apart, clean and put it back together.

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