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School break is with us and this means an opportunity to get away with the family. This time we’ll do a loop in Europe, starting with Switzerland, then Germany and Belgium. And I aim to cycle in all of them. It’s likely we’re stretched for time in Stuttgart so might give a break to my trusty Sequoia.

As we are going in our Golf hatchback with stuff for three people means taking the bike apart and building again as soon as we get somewhere. When you get hang of it the lego shouldn’t take more than 10 mins with adjustments. And off you go again. Having bike mechanic toolset along does help. I took mine though I suspect 4/5/6 Allen key and torque wrench will do the job.

First leg is from Gravesend to Geneva, and this is most stretching. It’s a long drive. And it’s hot outside. Whichever you look it’s not the most enjoyable part of he journey.

In and around Geneva.

I have two rides planned for Geneva. The rest will be odd morning/evening ride. In no particular order these are Route 46 around Lac Leman and up/down/over Saleve.

Mount Saleve is closer, so starting with this one. Going from Geneva via Coin to Croisette, then down past Petit Saleve, up once again and back over Saleve. Then down and winding back to Geneva. I cooked up something in 8-shape in Strava and it turned into 60 mile 9000ft ride. It’s a challenge but one worth following.

The second one is easy 100 miler around Lac Leman following really cycle route 46 that was completed in 2015. I wasn’t seriously into cycling back then so it came as a nice surprise. If all goes by the plan it should be lazy 9-10 hour ride.

These two are certain yet something else may be thrown in as a bonus. Plus I aim to have easy morning recovery ride. The days when we travel to Stuttgart and Brussels may be exceptions to the rule.

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