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Perhaps it was late start due to a few glasses of wine with friends last night. Or temperature that by 11:30 when I was ready to go was over 30 degrees Celsius. Total ride time came in at 7h 31min for 115 miles. The last 10 were a bit of a challenge, to be honest. Not quite as I expected.

Luckily I was caught up by a couple who were on their last 40 mile stretch. That happened right after leaving Genthod area and I happily tagged along for the next 20 miles. Then I had to refill my bottle, we said goodbyes, ciao, au revoir and off they went.

Sticking to water topic. On the Swiss side there are plenty of opportunities to refill, just need to keep eyes open for tap and a small basin. Often these can be found in old town centres and near churches. Locating the same facilities on the French side proved much more a challenge. Riding through town Evian I couldn’t locate any… perhaps it’s linked to the Evian water company? Two villages down the road there were plenty again. Go figure!

Swiss side has very well marked road and more importantly there are bike paths along all local roads (B and C roads for Brits). That was positive finding. As soon as I crossed to French side though the bike lanes were gone. Drivers on the other hand were very accommodating, so no hard feelings.

A couple of things to note then:

  • On a hot weather wear sunscreen – although I did I clearly missed out some parts as wrists are red hot now…
  • In Geneva by the bike paths get very busy in a good weather carrying both cyclist and pedestrians, many with headphones on in their own bubble.
  • Do take the wine route after Nyon near Gland. It’s very rewarding with climbs and views.
  • I mentioned water already. On a hot day refill whenever you can to keep the bottle cool and avoid dehydration. Drink little and often.
  • There’s no need to carry any food – there are ample of places to meet your specific palette. I did take a few gels and bars just because I normally eat while riding, and I was aiming for 7 hours. If I look at only the route, not getting to and form the lake, I probably managed to do it.

There are some pics in Strava post.

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