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my name is Taavi. I decided to get back into cycling after about 20 years break. My journey restarted with junior sized Apollo MTB that somebody abandoned in our bike store and 200 miles in I decided not to ruin my physio by way too inaccurate proportions of a bike.

SO in early 2017 I got my Specialized Sequoia from Westerham Cyclery and decided to spend as much free time as possible cycling (and running) on from now.

I aim to cover my rides to various places around Home Counties, London and elsewhere. Also a word or two about the kit and reasons for choosing *that* one over any other.

From late March 2017 I’ve been riding along with Gravesend Cycling Club and it has been extremely beneficial – riding in a slightly stronger group helps to push your limits and objectives. As for the latter, my aim was to get generally fitter and spend time in open air. Riding has had a knock-on effect on running, but there’s only so many hours a day… something has to give. And I was running mostly alone as opposed to riding in a group of four to eight.

Most of the activities are covered in a well-known platform, Strava and more notable ones here in blog format.

Hope you like it,


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