Google AI drawing app

Google has cooked up an app that tries to recognise user moves while they are drawing and suggest shapes that seem to be of vsg type. Excellent for your mock traffic signs and posters.

Up and down in Kent hills

It’s second month since I go my CX bike. Since then I’ve questioned the choice on a few occasions when I feel I could do with a lighter one. It’s also transpired that I spend most of the time on tarmac and less off-road that I envisaged to be the case when choosing the bike. Two months of riding has resulted in about 800 miles covered. This mostly in M20, M25 and A2 triangle. There.

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Wide Horizons “Fool’s Errand” recap

2nd of April saw my first longer ride around North Kent roads and countryside. It was at times a bit exhilarating and then fun. There were two routes – 65km and 120km. I opted for the latter thinking “well, I’ve ridden half of the track sections already, so what’s new?”. This statement turned out to be 1/3 correct as I didn’t know half the climbs…

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